Pre and post natal care
Osteopathic care during pregnancy helps relieve or prevent symptoms enabling women to enjoy this unique experience. We aim to assist this natural process by helping the body’s transformation in the most relax environment possible.
During pregnancy challenging physical, hormonal and emotional changes will take place in a relative short amount of time. A mother’s body is forced to change its structure to accommodate a growing baby. The softening of ligaments in the pelvic but also through the whole body, can lead to back pain, pubic bone dysfunction as well as general muscles ache. In addition previous strains or injuries can make it difficult for the body to adapt to its new pregnancy posture, increasing the likelihood of discomfort.

Some women may suffer a wide range of issues postnatally from back pain to pelvic issues, especially after a difficult labour. Osteopathy treatment after birth can help restore and maintain spinal and pelvic mobility. Ongoing treatment can be beneficial for women suffering with aches and pains associated with poor breast-feeding posture, carrying baby around, lifting prams…
Many mums-to-be seek osteopathic care for:
– Lower and upper back pain
– Symphysis pubis dysfunction
– Leg pain
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– General assessment of the spine and pelvis in preparation of the labor.
Osteopathic treatment is both beneficial and safe during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimesters. Using both cranial and structural techniques as well as advices and exercises, our osteopaths aim at relieving any discomfort and preparing your body for labor.
Overall post natal osteopathic care can help the mothers relax and enjoy their baby. We are not forgetting the fathers. Osteopathy care can help resolve postural pain and help the patient relax for better night sleep.